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ESP8266 WIFI module losing MQTT config

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I have three emonTxs monitoring 10 circuits in a house. They all have the ESP8266 Wifi board connected for transmission of data to the emonHub running on a pi connected to the LAN.

They are configured to connect to the MQTT broker and submit messages to a subtopic of emon. eg. emon/emonTxA

After a power outage, one of them reverts to an initial config of the MQTT server, which had incorrect credential data. Even after I correct this and hit Save, a power outage reverts to initial config on this device. The other two re-connect without issues, but had never been re-configured.

Do I need to reset the device to get it to store the config permanently? Is this a known issue?

Just a minor correction - the WiFi boards send (publish) data to the MQTT Broker (on the Pi) and EmonCMS subscribes to that broker and reads the data directly. Emonhub is not involved.

@glyn.hudson is the EmonESP person. I’m not sure how long you have had these, but I know there was a recent update to the firmware, so you may like to flash that to the device and see if that helps.

That makes sense. I wondered why you didn’t see the MQTT activity in the emonHub logging.

I have a test system here that I will reproduce the problem on, then try the latest firmware. We bought these cards in December. The symptom is similar to the one described here, where the password re-appears in the MQTT feed name prefix on the webpage. Looks like it was fixed in v3.1.2 in October. However re-entering the password doesn’t survive a power cycle.

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