Bug in V3.1.1 smartplug version


I just noticed that when you go into the web interface the MQTT password is appearing in the
MQTT Feed-name prefix: window. I suspect that the password is not being saved and restored correctly as sometimes I lose the MQTT connection as well.
Retyping the correct password and saving restores the connection.


Thanks @ian, @jeremypoulter any ideas?

Just had a quick try on this, I have found (and fixed) several bugs in relation to the feed prefix, including one that could possibly manifest it self like this. That being said I am not able to reproduce exactly this issue.

Thanks @jeremypoulter I’ve merged this pull request.

Hi @TrystanLea

Will compiled firmware be made available for OTA update?

I’ve just released a new compiled version with this update: Release V3.1.2 · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub

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