ESP crashing/boot loop

i don’t have the tft yet because the ali seller decided i was not worthy, but sometimes i get this and the controller does not connect is the esp having trouble?

This looks like a bug in the code, it is likely using a null value for the task handle which could indicate that it failed to create a background task.

Can you run the backtrace through a decoder?

Thats the latest code version [Convert Emergency Stop to error and tidy i2c mutex tasks · stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4ESP32@0601d00 · GitHub]

Does the code only do this on power up? Does the loop fix itself or is this happening randomly?

i don’t know what that is but it boots fine now, i had to reflash a few times and reset like 10 times and now it just works

yes it was looping on power up but never fixing itself, it boots fine now, i had to reflash a few times and reset like 10 times and now it just works.
I thought it could be a problem with the esp.

still happening i was reflashing all my modules, after that i tested removing the plug a few times and it got on a loop again, had to replug it like 6-7 times until i got the led to light up and show it booted. Is there something i can do to help find the bug or am i the only one thats has this problem?

I think I’ve had 1 other report of it.

If you can attach a serial usb cable to the usb of the esp32 you can see the debug output. When the crash occurs a message is printed. This will indicate where the error is.

I’ve updated the code this morning to add a few more checks to hopefully prevent this.

Additionally - you will get a BOOT loop if you still have the module connected to the AVR programmer and you reset the ESP32 - this is because the module will be connected to the “BOOT” pin/button!!

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maybe not related but i had the controller board on a cloth stool that has a metal bar under the base, this happends every time my finger or metal goes 3 ou 4 cm close to the can chip(no touching):


Ok, that’s the TCA chip responding to the inputs ABCD, they are picking up ESD/static.