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Error in update emoncms

I’m trying to update emoncms, but when I will update the database in the browser, and he presents me this error, what can it be?

Hello @PF-Henrique how are you updating emoncms, are you using git?

Error when updating database , how do I solve this problem?

Hello @Geinian_Gomes, it looks like you have the same issue that @PF-Henrique has above. I have not been able to replicate this issue to be able to find a solution yet. How did you update emoncms other than the db update? did you use git?

Hello TrystanLea
Yes, the git!
after trying to update it generated this error, I believe I did not follow the correct steps .
Where can I find a form to update emoncms in the latest version?
I am using emoncms on a local server.

Can you reach the admin page? If you can try running the update command there.

We will need more info from you on your setup if that does not work.

How did you install EmonCMS in the first place?

Did you just update the core emoncms repository with git or the Modules as well?

The emoncms is installed on ubuntu version 16 on the local server.
I can’t update directly from the server, it’s necessary to use a git to update, but without success, currently the emoncms that is installed is 10.1.2 .

I used this link to update emoncms

So the problem with not running the update script, is that a number of things have been changed in the files and this needs to be change don the system.

Why can’t you update directly?

Those instructions are not as good as they could be.

how do I solve these kinds of mistakes?
do you have a structured step by step for this type of error?

We can only help if you answer the questions asked.

how to solve this type of error and update the system directly from local emoncms ?

Can you access the Emoncms admin page?

yes, but I can’t update emoncms to the current version by following these steps directly from emoncms.
how do I use git?

In the Admin page, can you click on the button to copy the Server Information and paste it here please?

follow the images below in order.

Thanks, can you send me this please

below is the image .

Ok so the problem is you do not have something called service-runner installed. This is an EmonCMS service. This will enable you to run the update commands.

Follow this emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub to install service-runner and as I think you are on Debian and not Raspbian follow emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub as well.

error installing sudo pip install redis

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sudo apt-get install -y build-essential python-pip python-dev