EmonTx4 DS18B20 Temperature sensing & firmware release 1.5.7

Thanks both, Im happy with my solution above for now and will keep an eye on reliability issues from it’s use.

The other option on the EmonTx4 is to offload the temperature sensing to an ESP8266 expander board. Il try and put together an example of how to do this.

We are also bringing out the emonPi2 in a few months time (I need to do a forum post on this), temperature sensing is handled by the RaspberryPi on the emonPi2. If someone does have a lot of trouble with temperature sensing reliability using the EmonTx4 with DS18B20 temperature sensors bought through the shop and for whatever reason I’m not able to work out a satisfactory solution, we would offer a replacement with an emonPi2 when it’s available.

If there are reliability issues with DS18B20 temperature sensors bought elsewhere, I know we’ve had issues with different timings on clones etc already and I can’t guarantee that the above will work for all devices.