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Emontx3 (node 7) becomes emontx3cm15 (node 15)

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Looked at a lot of threads but can’t find the answer.

Just flashed emonTX with latest firmware as it was many years old and I was updating my other emonTX anyway. It has now changed from Node 7 to Node 15, and node name from emontx3 to emontxcm15.

Is the “correct” way just to log the new node 15 inputs to the existing feeds associated with Node 7?

I thought about changing the node ID under emonhub or the emontx ID via serial but both seemed like I migth have issues later.

Is there anyway to “move” the feeds associated with emontx3 (with all the historic data) to emontxcm15 - so my GUI OCD is happy?

Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:

(I am hoping the new latest code resolved my discrepancy between AC voltages in the garage and house that appeared many moons ago one day when I updated the EmonPi and I never solved! Old thread…)

Ok I think I worked it out that I can rename the feeds to be associated with the new node feeds… or the EmonPi :slight_smile:

You can copy the processing steps on the Inputs page for the old Node 7 to the Inputs page for Node 15, and log them to the existing Feeds. Is that what you mean?

The feeds were still shown under the old Node 7, I since discovered I can rename the feed from Emontx3 to emontx3cm15 and the feed moves, just trying to clear up the Node 7 that no longer exists.

While my EmonPi is next to the consumer unit, I have an emontx in the garage since it got its own sub-main, so I have to take the inputs into the usual feeds, it’s gotten a bit more complex over the years to the point where it can be misleading, just trying to keep the existing feed under the new node name. Rename has solved it.

Have a new issue where I can’t get export to read negative on the other EmonTX that is on the pre-CM code as its on batteries (out in the meter cupboard) but will open a new thread on that if I can’t fix it (yes the clamp is on the right way round and I already turned it around to check).

Without a mains voltage reference, that is reporting Apparent Power, and that can never have a sign, so you can never know the direction of power flow. It’s the same as using a plain ammeter and multiplying by 240 to get the power - the ammeter can’t tell you the direction of power flow.

I thought that was my issue.

I need to work out how I can do this best. I have a henley block next to the meter now and a sub-main to the garage since the EV charger was installed. I had a CT inside the main CU and I added the Garage EmonTX value to get usage, but I was getting very low consumption readings from the Consumer CU. Not a lot of space, suspected it was poor accuracy. I bought another EmonTX to put in the meter cupboard but no power socket (not a lot of room to add one either) so its on battery at the moment. Originally it was a check value to confirm the house CU was reading low. When I powered down to change Emon SD card (and remove CT to take EmonPi apart) I removed the troublesome CT in the CU.

I re-worked in the inputs to feeds and I am using the guide on the website (solar - supply = usage). I am sure there is a way I can do this better with some maths, like house + garage - solar - issue is of course that the house CU has solar coming in and out of it so the meter tail outside has the solar as well.

I am currently reading forum posts as I could:

  • Extend the CT clamp outside (2m/6ft) and house Emon TX inside
  • Get AC feed out to the meter cupboard the same 2m/6ft from inside
  • Find a way to get to meter tail from the EmonPi (will involve cutting a hole somewhere! CU is on plasterboard and cables go into the wall up and through the ceiling/floor). Hassle here is again to unburden the CT to open EmonPi if needed means poor access to the CT Clamp.

Thanks for pointer Robert as usual :slight_smile:

I think that would be my preferred option. Extending the c.t. cable only requires a small hole and at only 6 ft should not present any problems.

Yeah I am trying to work out how I can fish in the wall, as if I extended it out to 5-6m I could get it to the EmonPi, which would let me take the EmonTX to the hot tank to monitor the solar divert.

Seems reading other threads its possible, just need to find a way to make it happen.

Even 6 m should not be a problem, provided you do it properly (i.e. as the ‘Learn’ page says).