emonTx with ESP8266 Huzzah is 6 way ribbon required to use RJ45?

hi all,

Just received my emonTx with ESP8266 Huzzah. Was hoping to fit a pules sensor and/or temp sensor but with the ESP8266 installed there is no space to fit the RJ45 temp/pules sensor.

Do I have to buy a 6 way ribbon to move the ESP8266 out of the way?

Also if I want to use two sensors at once it looks like I need to use a RJ45 Expander, how dose this connect to the emonTx?


Sorry answering the second part of my question myself with the following link.

still don’t know about the first part… anyone?

looking at the image in the shop


I would say it depends on the RJ45 plug type. if it has no strain relief then I think you might be able to plug it in prior to connecting the esp8266 huzzah.

Maybe (for future devices) the header needs soldering on so that the pins only just protrude the board and the huzzah stands away from the emonTx to allow room to the rj45? Just a thought!



Thanks Paul, yeah I was hoping they would fit together but the WIFI board sits a good 3 or 4 mm over towards the RJ45 socket which stops anything from going in.

I did manage to cut away from of the RJ45 connector socket which helped a little.

However did come across the following.

Which says that you can maybe request a ribbon cable. So when I bought my RJ45 brake out box for extra sensors I requested one and the kind people sent me one.

Not tested yet but should make changing these out a lot easer.
great service :slight_smile:

I know its been stated in other places but I think an option long term for emonTx would be an option for a built in WIFI module instead of the battery pack and RF Module.