emonTx with Adafruit ESP8266 Module

Dumb question?
Where to buy the 6 way ribbon cable shown in the original post?

Dumb answer: at a 6-way ribbon cable website.

Real answer: Most ribbon cable can be pulled apart, so get some 10-way and peel 4 off one edge. That’s how I made the 6-way extension lead for my programmer.

Thx & I did try googling 6-way ribbon cable.

I’m into making Ethernet cables but this is new for me.

Where to get? & how to attach? the specific connectors shown in the pic in the post on the emonTx with ESP8266 Module?


I think the “ribbon” cable in that picture is actually 6 separate cables with a single connector on each end - the sort that’s widely available for Arduinos.
Try a search for “Arduino jumper cables”.

Thank you – when I enlarge the image a bit I can see what you mean

TrystanLea’s guide shows 6 connections to the emonTx when done with cables. The alternative of soldering to a 6 way header only shows 4 connections to the emonTx. Am I missing something?

You only need Vcc, Gnd, Tx and Rx. The other two pins (2 and 6) are not connected to anything on the HUZZAH (just there to match the standard FTDI pinout) so no issues if they are not connected.

Thanks & thanks also to the designers of this Forum in that one receives an email and doesn’t have to keep checking back to the Forum hoping to have received a reply.

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