Emontx-V3 Upgrade to the last release

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this morning, I have decided to upgrade an Emontx V3 to the last release.
but after the upgrade, I don’t received anymore the value of my CT.
in the debug mode (Serial console) , I have this information :slight_smile:

emonTx V3.4 Discrete Sampling V3.30

No EEPROM config
RFM69CW Node: 10 Freq: 433Mhz Group: 210

I don’t understande where is the issue and I m a little lost

is it possible to have a little support on my case ?

in advance a big thx



Exactly which version do you have?

Yes although this isn’t a ‘support desk’ just a friendly community…

Hello Brian
sorry for the expression " my case " :slight_smile:

about the release see below


emonTx V3.4 EmonLibCM Continuous Monitoring V1.70
Loaded EEPROM config
Group 210, Node 10, Band 433 MHz

vCal = 268.97
i1Cal = 90.90
i1Lead = 4.20
i2Cal = 90.90
i2Lead = 4.20
i3Cal = 90.90
i3Lead = 4.20
i4Cal = 16.67
i4Lead = 6.00
datalog = 9.96
pulses = 1
pulse period = 100
temp_enable = 1
Temperature Sensors found = 0 of 1
Temperature measurement is NOT enabled.

RF on
RFM69CW only Node: 10 Freq: 433MHz Group: 210

POST…wait 10s
‘+++’ then [Enter] for config mode

Where are you expecting to receive the values?

Hello Robert
the value must be forwarded over the RF on one emonhub and from the emonhub after forwarded on my emoncms
one strange think, that now the red LED is always on and few blink per moment… and I have another emontx and working perfectly


So you did have emonTx V3.4 Discrete Sampling V3.30, and you replaced it with emonTx V3.4 EmonLibCM Continuous Monitoring V1.70.

And you have DEBUG on? But after ‘+++’ then [Enter] for config mode you see nothing on the serial monitor, and the red LED remains on for more than 10 s?

What should happen is after you see

'+++' then [Enter] for config mode

there is a wait for a little more than 10 s, with the red LED on, and then:

CT1 detected, i1Cal:90.90

then a few moments later

AC present 

then nothing more in the serial window. If you want to see some values in the serial window, you must turn the radio off. Enter “config mode” when it asks with “+++”, then type w0 [Enter] x [Enter]
and then you will see

RF off

CT1 detected, i1Cal:90.90
AC present 

To turn the radio back on, press the “Reset” button on the emonTx, and it will start again with the radio turned on.

Now there is another problem. The data that the sketch sends has changed, therefore you must look at emonhub and check that you have a section for NodeID = 10
You must change that to:

    nodename = emontx3cm10
       names = MSG, Vrms, P1, P2, P3, P4, E1, E2, E3, E4, T1, T2, T3, pulse
       datacodes = L,h,h,h,h,h,l,l,l,l,h,h,h,L
       scales = 1,0.01,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0.01,0.01,0.01,1
       units = n,V,W,W,W,W,Wh,Wh,Wh,Wh,C,C,C,p
       whitening = 1

You will find you have 4 extra values E1 - E4. These are the energy for each c.t. in Wh.

When you do this, you should see the inputs for Node 10 appear in your emonBase.

Hello Robert

thx for the help :slight_smile:

I have deactivated the radio and the red led is off now (just blinking when the event appear or generated ).

about the info requested

RF off

CT1 detected, i1Cal:90.90
CT4 detected, i4Cal:16.67
AC missing

but no info received from the CT => see the value at zero :frowning: and the info is not broadcasted @ emonhub over radio (normal is off)

the problem is due the AC is missing ? because I use the battery for the moment ?


No, it should work without the a.c. supply - and you have shown it is working. But of course, with a voltage of zero or nearly zero, the power will be zero.

We assume that there will be an a.c. supply, because the life of a battery when the processor is running continuously will be very short.

That is correct - you can have either the data at the serial port, or broadcast by radio. If you need both at the same time, it is easy to modify the sketch. But the normal setting is w2 the radio is on and “whitened”.

Have you changed emonhub.conf? You will not get data in emonCMS until the format of the NodeID in emonhub.conf matches the data coming in from your emonTx. When you do that, you should get data, but the value of power and voltage will be zero.
(Data with a zero value is not the same as no data.)

@droussea, sounds silly but…

Power off, unplug the CTs, boot, unplug, re-connect CTs, restart.

the value of the voltage at zero is not possible because the CT1 has inserted on one phase from the Grid and CT4 is come from the solar.

also I can confirm that the emonhub don’t received the info from emontx (confirm with minicom & the log file) => for me the radio part is not working properly .

also on platofrmio, i have a lot function not defined

i m very lost


Have you tried my suggestion?

Sorry, but I cannot run platformio, therefore I can only support you if you use the Ardruino IDE.

BUT - it looks as if you have not downloaded all the necessary files to compile the sketch.

Download ALL the files in the “src” directory on Github, and if you are using the Arduino IDE, put them all into a directory called “EmonTxV3CM” in your sketchbook directory. That should compile and upload successfully. I cannot help you with what you need if you try to do it any other way.

yes already done no change :frowning:

just try with arduino ide … but after the very / compil => load_config function is not defined :frowning:

Hello @droussea you may be intereted to try this method here of uploading pre-compiled EmonTx3CM firmware to an EmonTx: Uploading the latest EmonTxV3CM Firmware to an EmonTx using a emonPi/emonBase It would at least ensure that your running the same thing as we are

disappointed :frowning: don’t have this option release 10.2.3 of emoncms … just have also an emonhub not emonPI or base

Yes, it IS defined, it is in the file config.ino

static void load_config(bool verbose)

Please read again what I wrote in Post no. 12

Sounds as if you may be a bit confused…
emonhub is software
emonBase and emonPi are hardware devices.

that’s right :slight_smile: I use the emonhub running on one rapsberry to convert RF 433 to ip-emoncms

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Hello Robert
FYI, the radio running on my emontx is a RFM12 not a 69 :frowning:
I have go in deep of the code and the problem appear in the rfm_init function :frowning:
how can we debug this ?