EmonTX v3.2 Firmware

I have a emonTX v3.2 hardware with RFM12B… I made the mistake of uploading the latest firmware for v3.4 hardware.

I cannot seem to find a working link to a (compiled) version of the firware for this hardware combination. Please can someone point me in the right direction for compiled firmware (or source) for EmonTx V3.2 hardware.

Many thanks

P.S It would be good to note on the GitHub - openenergymonitor/emontx3: EmonTx V3.4.x Hardware and older discreet firmware, see EmonTxV3CM repo for latest that this only works with the v3.4 hardware…

Somebody has messed around with Github and moved it. It is now very well hidden - it took me ages to find it:

EmonLibCM will work with an emonTx V3.2, the problem is the radio - you need a patched version of JeeLib (RFu_JeeLib) or you can use my rfmTxLib (transmit only) which works equally well with the
emonTx V3.2 or V3.4. It’s available here:

So, if you would like the latest continuous monitoring, I suggest to take the V3.4 sketch and replace the file “rfm.ino” with rfmTxLib - you might need some small changes to the calls to library functions, but without checking in detail, I can’t say what, but they are quite similar (because I wrote both :wink:).

Here’s a list of all the I/O pins used in various hardware, check for changes between the V3.4 and your V3.2 (e.g. you don’t have DIP switches - those need to be deleted) .
emonTx I/O

Thank you for the amazingly quick response…

I’m now back up and running with “emonTx V3.2 Discrete Sampling V2.00”

I’ll try your suggestion to compile the v3.4 with rfmTxLib

Many thanks