emonTX to emonbase via wifi


I need to link several emonTX to an emonbase for local monitoring. They are in different buildings so well out of range of RF communication. Can I make this work with the Huzzah WIFI modules instead? If so then can you tell me how? They can all go on the same VLAN if necessary.


Welcome, Andy, to the OEM forum.

You can add the ESP8266 module, but due to the increased power consumption, you’ll also need the 5 V USB power supply.

Note that the input via Ethernet/WiFi bypasses emonHub, and goes straight into emonCMS.

Thanks for the quick reply.
So I’m still not sure how can I log data on my emonbase. I’ve added an ESP8266 and the extra power supply to an emonTX but I’m not sure what the correct setup is.

Have you set the output format of the emonTx appropriately?
Which sketch are you using?

Maybe this will be of some help:

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All sorted now thanks. I had a typo in the apikey.

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Good useful information. Thanks.

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