EmonTx and raspberry (advice needed!)

Hi all

I want to buy an EmonTX for my brother (I currently have an emonPi) but I am somewhat confused about the options I have to connect to a raspberry pi 3.
From I’ve read here, I am able to connect by serial or by RFM12B / RFM68CW 433 / 868 MHz radio.
Is there any way to connect by wifi or by RJ45 Lan cable directly to the raspberry, since my raspberry pi doesn’t have a 433/868 Mhz radio?


Try this:

Thanks for the quick response!
Actually, I would prefer RJ45 direct connection to my Rpi3 (or something similar and simple) instead of having a circuit outside of the case, just to avoid short-circuiting it. But for the lack of other (simple) alternatives, this one is the best suitable for me.
Just need to email Sales support to see if they can ship it already mounted.

From what I understand:
“In the future, we may integrate the ESP8266 module directly on the EmonTx PCB”
Is there any news about this?


You mean Ethernet? The RJ45 connector on the emonTx is not, and cannot be made, Ethernet.

You can use look at an external Serial to Ethernet converter, I think I have seen one mentioned somewhere in the forum, but I don’t know anything more than they exist.

I don’t know any more about integrating the ESP8266 either.

Actually, there is another way to connect emonTX to a raspberry pi:

Where in the last part of the wiki it says:

“Wired Connectivity
Whilst the system was designed to transfer data via radio it is possible to link the emonTx and Raspberry Pi by wires.
It should be noted that this is NOT the standard setup.
Direct connection emonTx V3 > Raspberry Pi GPIO”

I already buy the emonTX with the wifi module but if i find it to be more useful connected by cable, i might try it.
Thanks for the help.