emonTx and ethernet


Nice to meet you at fully charged live today. I’m still a bit undecided what system go go for (emonpi is the obvious answer).

However with the emonTx, can I get an ethernet chip to plug in? I’ve spend a whole bunch of effort getting cat5e to the modbus on my solaredge inverter so it seems a bit waste trying to get WiFi back out (especially with 3ft walls).

I’ve got a bunch of esp2866 anyway (I program espruino for “fun”), so do I need a specifically flashed one? Ethernet seems significantly better for me.

As background, I can talk to my solarege by modbus so I don’t need that data.(I don’t get import/export data from the meter, so that argument continues with the installer)
.because I was sold that + openelecmonitor my fallback plan).

I "need"import/export data from the house and can calculate eberything else from there myself. This means in future. i can then use wi-fi plugs to switch on/off irfrarared panel heaters at winter (or a bank of tool battery chargers). CT.calamps are one way but are they positive/negative Vs a number with a diode to prevent “reverse” measurements?

Also in the future I’d like to put up a 500w turbine for “fun” and measure the output from that and add to the data I get power data from solaredge portal. But I wouldn’t get that with the emonpi because of only two CT imports?

Any suggestions/recommendations?

Also have you considered espruino Vs pi? Lower power and smaller. Gordon who created it is very helpful!

Thanks Lloyd.

Ps love this project, have already recommended to lots of people. Would love to find a system with £2 wireless temp/humidity sensors.whhich could then be hooked up up open radiator tech so i keep the the house evenly warmed) and only the only warms the rooms that need it at certain times). I also see what rooms need bettet insulating! You can’t improve what you can’t measure!

This thread should help get you started:

Other ESP8266 modules e.g. WeMos D1 Mini, ESP-12, ESP-07 should be usable with the appropriate wiring and sketch modifications.

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