emonTH V1 - limited stock - 40% discount

We have now started shipping the emonTH V2, however we have a few units (about 25) of the older emonTH V1 left.

There is nothing wrong with these V1 units, the main difference is the battery life is 6 months instead of a couple of years since they use the DHT22 sensor instead of the newer si7021, see comparison table.

We are currently selling the emonTH V1 via the shop at a discounted price of 40% off. £37.56 down to £22.79:


Glyn - When testing for a new Temp/Hum Sensor I seem to remember mentioning you had ordered a breakout board from SparkFun. Is this the board you purchased? And if I remove the DHT22 will the Si7021 sensor breakout plug-in as a replacement?

Yes that’s the board I used to test. However I don’t think the I2C lines
are exposed on the emonTH V1. I had to jiggle about with the power mapping.
Compare the v2 to the V1 port map. Unfortunately its not as simple as
unplugging the dht22 and plugging in the si7021