I have tried that several times, it does not work

I have tried that login and password several times, it does not work

You are trying to sign in to emoncms via its web page?



I am trying to get an image to emonbase…i am trying to get an emonTXv3 to work…while loading to the image to the emonbase i am asked for a login and passeword

The very old User/Password for the low-write version was:

For emoncms V9 and all versions after,

How are you loading the image to the emonbase?

I take the SD card out of the Raspberry Pi, put it into my computer and use Etcher:

I am using somthing called balenaetcher…i can´t see what that has to do with anything?

I have tried to use login=pi and password=raspberry

It does not work…which emonSD…can I use?

You are saying the password does not work. It will not work if you are using the wrong password for where you are trying to log in. Our problem is, you have not told us exactly WHERE you are trying to log in.

Here is what I have done in the past:

  1. I download the SD Card image to my computer.
  2. I remove the SD Card from the Raspberry Pi and put it in my computer.
  3. I use Etcher/BalenaEtcher to write the image to the SD Card.
  4. I remove the SD Card from my computer and put it in the Raspberry Pi.
  5. I start the emonPi/emonBase.
  6. I put the IP address of the emonBase into a web browser and then you should see the box in post no.9 but it will ask you to give a new user name and set a password, because it does not have that set up.

If you are doing something different, please tell us.

I stop after 5. I am asked for an login and a password from the emonBase (Rasperry Pi) when it is loading the SD card?

Where and how does it ask? Have you tried sending your web browser to the IP address?

It sounds like you have a keyboard and screen attached, is that the case? If so, are you using a keyboard with a numeric keypad? Is NUMLOCK on ? Raspbian always boots up with NUMLOCK off.

The user and password for that image is definitely pi and emonpi2016 AFAIR.

It is asked on the emonBase (Rasperry Pi) while loading…
Sending which webbrowser? to the IP address of which device? this is all getting to complicated for a simple man like me

The web browser on your computer (not the RPi) from where you want to operate emonCMS.

The emonBase/Raspberry Pi - or something like that.

I give up…the instructions for this device are terrible and i can´t get i to work. I will maybe try again next year…

I am sorry you feel like that. We are trying to help you but you are not giving us enough information about what you are doing.

Paul @pb66 asked you if you had a screen and keyboard attached to your RPi. Do you? If you have, you did not tell us. It is important that we know these things.

If you do have a screen and keyboard, try:

User: pi
Password: raspberry

You also use those if you are using PUTTY or a similar tool to connect to the RPi.

Not if still using the older image

The password would be emonpi2016 and the numeric chars will cause a problem if using a numeric keypad as NUMLOCK is off following each restart. The generic “raspberry” password doesn’t suffer from that particular gotcha as it has no numbers, I used to get caught every time as I rarely connected a keyboard and screen, this isn’t usually an issue via ssh.

But he won’t tell us exactly what he’s doing. We are both guessing.

Also looking at the new emonscripts it looks like there is no default password, it looks like the installer asks the user to enter a password at the end of the install when running the installer. So for the pre-built image we would need to know what was answered to that question! I can’t find it specifically documented/confirmed anywhere, I could speculate that emonpi2016 was used for consistency or that it was left as raspberry for simplicity, but yes that is also just guess work. IMO it wasn’t the best idea to put a date in the password, carrying emonpi2016 over to the 2017 and 2018 revised images was questionable, now with a entirely new image perhaps a new password was used? Hopefully not dated and hopefully no numeric chars to get caught out by NUMLOCK off after a restart.

Perhaps Brian can confirm if emonpi2016 is used in the latest pre-built image?

And counter-intuitive. I seem to remember there was a discussion about whether to make the user set a password on first start, or pre-set one. The pre-set one won, I think the argument was people would forget what they had set.

In post no.2, he seems to say that is still the case.

yes it is.


That is correct. The assumption(!) is that the user has already logged in and fixed that sort of thing before running the scripts. The scripts also use the currently logged in user rather than pi to make it more generic.