emonSD-21Jul21 (Stable) download fails every time

Although working happily for 10 months, my emonpi now gets stuck on “booting -please wait” after some unplanned power outages. i suspect a corrupted SD card. Trying to fix the file system on the SD card using a Linux machine didn’t work, so now I’m trying to re-build the OS. Unfortunately the emonSD-21Jul21 (Stable) download from the UK server (the only option) fails every time at about 1.0 GB out of 1.7 GB. Doesn’t seem to matter what time of day or which browser. Other similarly-sized downloads work fine here, so I’m suspecting a server-end problem. Anybody else suffering the same issue? Any suggestions from wizzes out there? Self-installing from the Emon scripts is a bit beyond me at the moment! Buying a new SD card will take ages (I’m in Australia), any in any event, shouldn’t be necessary.

Many thanks in advance.

[Booting please wait, what do I do - #12 by AdeinFNQ relates to this. - Moderator (RW)]

I had the same problem yesterday. Telling Firefox to retry+resume the download got the rest of it and I’m now up and running. Hope that helps.

For the record, it turned out to be some kind of problem in my router. Never did figure it out. Solved the problem by downloading on a friend’s system. No problems. Up and running now.

Cool. Thanks for reporting back. I hope your router isn’t a Technicolor, else I might have had the same problem!