EmonPi Upgrade Broken

Wow, lots of things changed/broken with this upgrade… For instance, in the pull down, if you’re already displaying 24 hrs, you can’t re-click 24 hours and get a refresh. You have to select a different time period and go back to select the 24 hour view ( many extra keystrokes). A browser refresh defaults to a weekly view. Why do I see data for “Rhy’s Room” and some other random data before signing in? Why are my emon-pi feeds not updating and show 18372.9 days since last update? Was there any user testing done before this roll out? If I missed some type of announcement on this or I need to upgrade something, then my apologies in advance. Help, it’s unusable.

Sounds like some of the data you’re seeing has been cached.
Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

I’m seeing the same results on multiple platforms/browsers. EMONCMS and my 35 feeds have been working together flawlessly since 2013 - until today (April 23) at around 05:42 UTC. I appreciate your suggestion Bill. Yes I’ve cleared my cache (20 years in I.T.). I have also “rebooted my computer” :wink:.

I agree, this is a really nice improvement

Thanks for the good words. I can relate. 45 years as an ET with about 30 of including IT.

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@gswen is this the first update that you have done since 2013? There can be significant issues with upgrading very old systems, partly due to a missing check in the original updater that allows the update to proceed on old systems.

We recommend upgrading by using the USB import tool on a new SD card if your emonpi system is more than a few years old, see Update & Upgrade - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I will move this thread as it doesn’t sound like it relates directly to emoncms.org

I agree that this could be improved. I will be looking at this again.

If you could tell us more about the status of the system prior to this update, when you last updated it, is the system still running the original SD card from 2013? it should hopefully give us some pointers to work on. A screenshot of the page before signing in might be useful.

@gswen I’ve fixed the graph reload issue by adding a button to refresh the current view: