Emoncms.org Upgraded to V10.2.1

Thanks for the upgrade! I saw it this morning when I turned my device on to see the day’s status - I noted that the rendering seems to vary more across devices - MySolarPV works nicely in portrait on Android, but throws a load of errors on Landscape depending on the screen size - Error is “Invalid dimensions for plot etc” My Solar Divert has become stretched so it’s impossible to see all of the data on the screen without scrolling up :frowning:

On iOS, there again seems to be some weirdness going on with both the MySolarPV and MySolarDivert apps - I can grab some screenshots later if that helps?

These are the main uses I have for displaying data so it’s a bit frustrating if that changes and the data I want to see isn’t shown or has fallen off on to the next line. Appreciate that it can probably be a challenge to check all of this in advance but if a fix is possible that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks @Umski I think I’ve been able to fix this, I was able to replicate on my Android phone in landscape mode and with the fix the error is no longer coming up. (Change available in the master branch for non emoncms.org users: commit)

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@TrystanLea Wow - fast work - thanks :slight_smile: - yes the error has gone now. Is it possible to get the entire view to fit the screen at all? If it helps, Android (landscape) now shows the import/export value where it used to be (second row first item), but on a desktop browser (Firefox on Windows) it seems to be now sat on the top line next to Total Use (zooming seems to make no difference) - no rush by the way!

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No problem, do you know the screen resolution of your phone?

I have a few on the go at the moment :wink: (part of the day job :D)

Fairphone 3 - 2160x1080
Moto X - 1280x720 (this is a permanently on display with the MySolarPV app)

iPad Mini 4 - 2048x1536
iPhone SE - 1136x640


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Hi, I also noticed the change this morning. I am facing issues in the My Solar Divert view. The percentage are all slightly wrong. Is it due to roundings?

44%+46%+13% = 103%
66%+38% = 104%

@fabsoues well spotted - I didn’t see that either due to those bits being pushed below on my portrait displays :o I have similar totals - 50%+36%+15% = 101% and 100%+2% = 102%

Rounding errors no doubt.

Weird, after update I can’t see 1h. Would be awesome to be able to customise time periods - e.g. 12 hour, since xAM/PM, etc. However, requests aside, great work as always!

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Hi Trystan,
There appears to be a problem with saving changes to the secondary (right hand side) y axis in the graphing function. Many of my graphs have reset to auto scale the minimum right hand side y-axis. I have tried changing them to a fixed value (e.g. 0) but the graph reverts to the previous format, even after clicking save.

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Hi Tristan,

I would like to raise the functionality on small screens. Mine is a Moto G6 Play smart phone. Page sizing is failing - pages are oversized. Solar Divert is oversized with oddly sized total boxes. Graphs opens with error (also on PC). Graphs usability on small screen is bad - the feeds in view area is not scrollable and data entry ( for scale etc) does not work (got worse with previous release). I attach screenshots. Some will be down to browser behaviour others page design.

I recognise emoncms does not have a particular focus on responsive pages that resize well, but it would be good to move to a better experience for smaller screens as changes. My observation is that usability is getting worse on small screens.

Many of the page design issues can be experienced by resizing a browser window on a PC.

To balance - I have and do continue to appreciate all the work that goes into emoncms.org. my thanks to the team!!

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Thanks @NicholasHerbst @iov, noted. Will look into these.

@NicholasHerbst, @iov, If you can. please raise an issue on GitHub GitHub - emoncms/emoncms: Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. It just means problems do not get lost which can happen on community threads - you might also find it has already been reported. By all means link back to your post here from GitHub (and edit your post to include the Issue link).

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@iov I’ve made a couple of modifications to the My Solar PV Divert app, to reduce the size of the total boxes and improve the alignment, here’s a screenshot with some dummy data, let me know if that works better for you, the changes are live on emoncms.org:

Thanks @TrystanLea - looks better now :slight_smile: The time intervals seem to push the screen to be wider - I think if I recall correctly, they used to wrap around on to the next line before? I fully appreciate the complications of trying to cater for every size of screen - on my piddly iPhone SE, this is what I now see by default, if I scroll down the value boxes now fit quite nicely apart from the black strip on the right due to the interval not wrapping.

Forgot to also add before, I though the 8 hour interval was always quite useful - guess it’s down to personal preference but 1, 4, 8 D, W, M, Y seem right for me. Straw poll?

Thanks @Umski @borpin

I wonder if we switch to drop down menu’s for the time selection?

I’ve been working on the Graph view and have added in a dropdown there:
This is available on emoncms.org and the master branch

@TrystanLea - good plan and makes sense as it’s probably not necessary for each interval to take up valuable screen real estate for a function that’s used intermittently (for me at least) - one extra touch I guess!

As @borpin mentions, a ‘today’ interval would be quite useful - I always assumed this was too tricky to implement but I guess a 00.00 - current time is feasible if it’s used elsewhere (sorry for all the niggly requests!)

Great idea with the drop down menu for the time interval. Looks great!

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