emonPi Shield / Raspberry Pi incompatability

Recently purchaced an emonPi shield, without RF, to build an emonPi using 868MHz. RFM69CW 868MHz arrived yesterday. Carefully soldered in to position. When I mate it up to the Raspberry Pi 3B,
the pins do not seam to engage properly, it only make point contact. The USB ports stop it going in any further. There is approx. 1mm gap between the nylon pillar and the Pi. It does not seam right to me that I have to bend the board to make full contact.

Thinking I could have a faulty Pi, I removed a Pi 2B from an emonBase. It was just the same.
There is no friction between the pins and sockets at all. Is this normal?

I was under the impression that an extender came with the emonPi Shield - it’s certainly shown on the picture:

If you didn’t get one, contact the shop at [email protected]

Thank-you @Robert.Wall, no, ( there was not an extension supplied).
I had not tried getting it into the case, I might have realise when things didn’t align.

Edited post.
An extender was supplied, but with it pushed fully on, I didn’t know it could be removed, fitted to Pi, then fitted to shield.

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Hello I received my emonpi shield yesterday. This is my first raspberry related project and I m quite excited. But it seems I experience a similar problem as the one described above.
However there is space for the raspeberry to go down. I might just have to push a bit harder but I m affraid to broke any of this… Here is a picture
Have a good day!

Welcome, Benjamin, to the OEM forum.

There are many pins there and all must enter the sockets at the same time, so you really do have to push quite hard. I must use two hands, I cannot do it with one. If you can get two pieces of wood, for example, one on each side with the two boards and the connectors in between, so that you put an even pressure all the way along the connector, you will very much reduce the possibility of breaking the circuit board.

You need to make sure both sets of pins reach into their respective sockets, and the mounting pillars should touch both boards.


Ok I ll try this tonight, thank you very much for the advice!

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