EmonPi new user. Temperature probe showing no input

I have tried connecting 2 separate temperature probes via the RJ45 plug. I am getting no readings in Emoncms. Any ideas?

Hi, welcome,

Are you connecting to the right RJ45 socket? it is the one the other end from the USB slots.

If you are, do you plug it in and then boot the EmonPi?

Hi Brian. Thanks for your reply. I did plug it into the right socket. The other is labelled ethernet so I knew that was the wrong one for sure. I ordered two identical kits, both containing a temperature probe so I have tried both. After installing the first one I clicked “restart” @ the Emonhub page. Should I use the restart button on the Emonpi body?

I think you need to power down and do a hard restart.

Ok I will try that. I did try a restart on the admin page but that didn’t work either.

Do a shutdown. Remove the 5V power then reapply it.

Not everyone does :grin:, hence the obvious question…

That worked Brian! Now getting outdoor temps. Thank you :smiley:

The reason is, the “front end sensors” - c.t’s, voltage, temperature are only recognised at power-up. Resetting/rebooting just the RPi is not enough. It’s all in the FAQ.

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Hi Robert
Understood. Thanks for the direction to the FAQ. Just went through it.

I have all my inputs and feeds working nicely. Now I want to learn how to make up graphs, use the visualization feature and get My Electric set up properly. Is there comprehensive tutorials on these anywhere on the site?


I’m afraid the only documentation that I’m aware of is in the Guide. I never watch videos so I can’t say whether it meets your criterion of “comprehensive”.

Well I’ve played around a bit in the graph section and don’t find it very intuitive or user friendly frankly, but I’ll look at the videos and do some more playing and see where that gets me.

Yes, they can be a bit ‘clunky’ until you get the hang of it. As much as anything, it’s a matter of what’s possible within a web browser.

If you’re looking to an alternative to emonCMS, @Bill.Thomson can point you towards the setup he uses.

Thanks Robert…much appreciated!