emonPi LCD staying on

Hi guys - just wondering if there is a way to modify LCD behaviour or maybe I have a bug? In previous builds of Emon my LCD would timeout and turn itself off but I’ve noticed that on the 30Oct18 build my LCD is staying on full time. Is there a command or reset to fix this?


Is this relevant?

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Yep, that is the answer. I obviously scrolled too quickly when I read about the changes - note to self: read more carefully!! :disappointed: Thanks Robert.

Yes, the change to keep the backlight on all the time was introduced in the V3.0 update that Robert kindly linked above. The backlight change was made due to user feedback that many users prefer the backlight to be on all the time to make it easier to read in dark consumer unit cupboards. However, I appreciate that everyone has different requirements, it’s easy to customise the backlight timeout by editing the LCD config file located in /home/pi/emonpi/lcd/emonPiLCD.cfg

Here is the default config: