Emonhub config DIYBMS

Hello all hope your doing well. Id manage to MQTT my DIYBMS to emoncms on my emonpi and receive all input. Is it possible create a Emonhub config to monitor via emoncms.org? Found this thread but no solution. Workaround to remote monitor diybms over 4g network
Any workaround? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @xelapr

You don’t need to mess with the emonhub configuration for the MQTT monitoring of DIYBMS.

If you publish from the DIYBMS controller to topic “emon/diybms” and the MQTT server is the address of the emoncms system - this only works for local lan connections/raspberry pi, not the cloud server version of emoncms.

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the information, I’d made a set-up in Home Assistant using Grafana since I’m subscribed to Nabu Casa I can monitor it.

Yes. If you application is posting to a bse topic of emon/ then the emoncms instance connected to the broker will read the data; emonhub is not involved.

If you want to store this data in emoncms, then you could send the data from HA to emoncms.org using the emoncms integration.