Workaround to remote monitor diybms over 4g network

I have a remote site that has got a battery bank running a 8S diybms with a emonpi running a local mqtt server data logging the battery cells, I can view all when I am onsite through the local LAN this setup is hooked up to a Telstra 4G LTE modem, I have been trying to remote port forward to the BMS controller and emonpi without much success, I have since found out that Telstra doesn’t allow any ports open for port forwarding on there network unless I am on a business plan.
The remote emonpi uploads data from emontx and emonpi to the site but doesn’t upload the diybms data to, I think this may have to do with the emonpi EmonHub config that has no entry for the diybms, is there any work around is problem or has anyone change the EmonHub config file to include the diybms to upload data to the emoncms site

Check out You can setup a free account to use a private subnet for remote access. I use it for Blue Iris and HomeAssistant which I have setup to monitor my BMS using ModBus. I can run the HA app on my phone along with the ZeroTier setup, and I can access HA from anywhere I have cell access. They have clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS and Android.