EmonGLCD not updating

Hi All,

I’ve finally jumped on the emoncms band wagon and couldn’t be happier. My friend has been using the energymonitor for years with great results.

I’ve got everything working but the emonglcd.

I’ve uploaded the following firmware: EmonGLCD/HomeEnergyMonitor.ino at master · openenergymonitor/EmonGLCD · GitHub

The temp works correctly and this is TX’d to the emonbase without issues. However it’s not receiving the time update nor current power draw. The buttons also don’t work.
I’m probably doing something silly but wondering if anyone can help.

Just an update on this.

I managed to get the POWER NOW working :-). For anyone else having the same problems this is what I changed:
if (node_id == 10) {emontx = (PayloadTX) rf12_data; last_emontx = millis();} //Assuming 10 is the emonTx NodeID
if (node_id == 8) {emontx = (PayloadTX) rf12_data; last_emontx = millis();} //Assuming 8 is the emonTx NodeID

Yes, the GLCD is all but obsolete (regrettably, but I understand why), and the default node ID’s have changed around since.

You need to tell your emonHub to send the time. Look in the config. file and you should see:


            # interval = 0 # Interval to transmit time to emonGLCD (seconds)

Uncomment that last line and put a suitable number - 300 would be my choice.

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Thank you sir. It’s all working now. It’s such a shame the kit is obsolete, it was great fun to build!

I’m tempted to buy another one now.

Thanks for taking the time to help.

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I didn’t say it was obsolete, it’s my understanding that the cost in time and labour for picking the parts to assemble the kit makes its future uncertain.


My mistake, I misread your initial reply. Coming from an amateur radio background I do love kits.

Not rying to hijack the thread, but did you ever build any Heathkits?

73 OM,


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Sadly, fewer and fewer people these days have the skill and knowledge (and possibly patience!) to assemble a kit.

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The EmonGLCD kit is not obsolete, we still have plenty in stock, I built one for myself the other day, its nice having such a clear display in the house and I really like the laser cut wood @glyn.hudson did a great job . I keep meaning to spend some time working out how to send power data to it from the emonpi with emonhub, at the moment Im using it with an emontx.

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I’m afraid not sir. Sadly the Heathkits were before my time. I have mainly constructed logic systems for VHF/UHF repeaters.

It’s great fun to spend time in a smoke filled shack!


Thank you for the information.

That’s great news. I’m tempted to purchase another one! Keep up the great work.

I seem to remember one of you saying that it wouldn’t be restocked when your stock ran out, and you would encourage the use of old phones & tablets as a replacement. Did that turn out to be not the case?

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Good question, yes that was the idea, @glyn.hudson spent quite a bit of time working on an EmonGLCD replacement that was pre-assembled and surface mount, we realised the price would be significantly higher than a second hand tablet so decided against that route. There is something nice though about the basic EmonGLCD with the clear display visible across the room, if there is continued interest we could always order more kits after these have run out - but yes no surface mount pre assembled version on the cards, so only for those keen to do some soldering! :slight_smile:

Happy days EmonGLCD lives, mine is still going strong five years later :slight_smile:

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Dave’s mention of his EmonGLCD made me think of the one I bought/built in March of 2013.

It’s still chuggin’ right along. My wife likes the red/green LEDs. Makes it easy to tell when our PV
system is producing enough energy to run the clothes dryer. :grin:

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