EmonEVSE with ethernet?

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Hi! I am interested in getting a EmonEVSE, but I was wondering if it is possible to get one with ethernet cable instead of wifi?

Hi, yes totally agree this would be a very useful addition. Currently, it’s not possible, but we are in the final steps of porting the WiFi gateway from the ESP8266 to ESP32. This will give us the option of using Ethernet, firmware support for this will need to be added. This will take some time, if you have an immediate requirement I would recommend using a Ethernet to Wifi bridge or WiFi extender.

I have created a github issue to track this:

Ah, nice! I am not in any immediate need. I do have a wallb-e eco 2.0 now, but, the company behind that product is… well… If I adjust the charge current, the warranty breaks. Often it just shows a red light, and they refuse to say what is causing this, and only says to cut power for 15 mins and so forth, only trouble, and no openness. For solar stuff I use Victron, and they are so helpful with everything, all protocols, everything is open, and I can program what I like towards it. And I very much like the idea of programming the evse to use excess solar power. So, now that I have found an open alternative to the evse I have, I just want to change it out. Very tired of closed hardware / software. But yes, I can definitely wait! Also, if it is available in kit form that would be amazing, I could learn more from putting it together myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. See the WiFi gateway docs for info on how the API’s work to control the charger:

Here is a live demo of the web interface:

Yes, it’s available in kit form:

Oh, they have the same name (EmonEVSE / OpenEVSE)? I was thinking about this one: I want to have the type 2 connector. Friends come over with their charging cable and all can connect to type 2.

The EmonEVSE (non-tethered) is fully pre-assembled. While the OpenEVSE (tethered) is sold as a kit.

I agree, non-tethered is best for flexibility. It can always be made into a tethered unit by keeping a cable connected.

That is ok, I can still take a look inside and learn from that. Nice with the CE mark too I guess. But yes, this was also the unit I was talking about when it comes to cabled network instead of wireless. Will that make a difference in the chance of it becoming a reality?

Wired Ethernet version will not be available for some time. Existing units will be easily user upgradable when Ethernet connectivity is ready. The WiFi gateway module is an easily swappable separate unit.