EmonEVSE with ethernet?

It needs a full web server to be able to host the OpeneVSE WiFi interface e.g here’s a live demo: http://openevse.openenergymonitor.org/

It’s just a case of connecting up Rx and Tx or the easiest way is just be to use a USB to serial adaptor. Here’s a photo o a prototype

Run the OpenEVSE WiFi server as documented in the readme: GitHub - OpenEVSE/openevse_wifi_server. e.g where /dev/USB0 is the serial port that the EVSE controller is connected to.

npm start -- --port 3000 --endpoint /dev/USB0

However, I would recommend anyone wanting to add Ethernet to the OpenEVSE an ESP32 Gateway instead of a RaspberryPi for the reasons given above:

Interesting. Actually I was wondering if you need the openevse server, or could just send the appropriate commands via serial?

I see there is a node.js interface so that answers that question really.

As an aside @glyn.hudson, what is that enclosure? Is it designed for the DIN rail?

Yes, it’s a custom enclosure designed around a DIN rail

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