EmonESP - ESPHome Component

I’ve followed some of the threads around the troubles some folk have had with the EmonESP and I wonder if it would be better to create a component in something like ESPHome for the EmonTX rather than doing the whole thing from scratch.

This would mean that all the core functionality such as WiFi, MQTT etc could be offloaded onto that system (and the need to cater for different boards etc) and the functionality to transfer the data then implemented by the ESPHome Component?

It is way outside my capability but I can see how it would probably work within that framework.

Just a thought.

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Hello! I was thinking the same and I found your post.
I have a “hack idea” but maybe somebody with more knowledge about how all parts are connected can help with the implementation.
I was watching this video where I found a emon based board which use SPI to send the data through ESP32 Esphome gateway.
So there is a existing component called SPI BUS.
emontxV3.4 use SPI to send data through RF69 module.
So maybe creating a bridge between MOSI, MISO , CLK pin used for this module we could send same data to a ESP family board with ESPhome based firmware.
ATM90e32 component

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