Emoncms v9.9.0+ release notes

The emoncms v9.9.0+ release is an intermediate release merging the active master branch of emoncms into stable in particular for access to the new python based service runner for the RPi3 B+ image build.

New developments such as the new inputs and feeds interface are still in beta and are available via an opt-in switch on the user account page. Work is ongoing on these features and therefore bugs are still expected. The new interfaces can be disabled via the same opt-in toggle switch. There will be a separate full release of the new inputs and feeds interface after further work is completed.

Emoncms v9.9.2 stable branch release notes:


  • Feed unit support @emrysr
  • (Opt-in) Device module integration @TrystanLea #724 #945
  • Process list refactor @TrystanLea #943
  • Add option to add CC and Bcc in email @cagabi #948
  • Translation fixes @thib66
  • Add git branch info to admin page @borpin
  • (Opt-in) Input and feed list UI improvements @emrysr
  • (Opt-in) Add mobile friendly gesture swipes to move between Inputs and Feeds on mobile devices #1021 @emrysr
  • add python systemd service runner used to trigger scrips e.g backup etc @greeebs #1068
  • Clear feed data option in feed delete modal @emrysr
  • Clear feed history option in feed delete modal @emrysr
  • database table creation and update refactor @takkaria #930
  • get_time_DMY and get_average_DMY support for mysql feed engine isfh-ohrdes #805
  • Migration of Publish to MQTT to Mosquitto for consistency !Breaking Change! #853

Upgrading Publish to MQTT

The latest stable branch uses the mosquitto php client for the publish_to_MQTT input process for consistency with the phpmqtt_input script. Installation of mosquitto and its dependencies are documented here:


Migrating to the new systemd+python service-runner

Forum post, thanks to @Greebo : Migrating to the new systemd+python service-runner


This update includes changes to the emoncms database. To apply these updates navigate to:

 Administration > Update database > Update & Check

To report issues with emoncms following an update that are not already listed in troubleshooting above, start a new topic and give as much detail as you can on the installation of emoncms that you have updated. Is it an EmonPi/EmonBase? which image version or is it a custom install, please give details.

Thanks a lot