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Emoncms v9.9.0+ release notes

The emoncms v9.9.0+ release is an intermediate release merging the active master branch of emoncms into stable in particular for access to the new python based service runner for the RPi3 B+ image build.

New developments such as the new inputs and feeds interface are still in beta and are available via an opt-in switch on the user account page. Work is ongoing on these features and therefore bugs are still expected. The new interfaces can be disabled via the same opt-in toggle switch. There will be a separate full release of the new inputs and feeds interface after further work is completed.

Emoncms v9.9.2 stable branch release notes:


  • Feed unit support @emrysr
  • (Opt-in) Device module integration @TrystanLea #724 #945
  • Process list refactor @TrystanLea #943
  • Add option to add CC and Bcc in email @cagabi #948
  • Translation fixes @thib66
  • Add git branch info to admin page @borpin
  • (Opt-in) Input and feed list UI improvements @emrysr
  • (Opt-in) Add mobile friendly gesture swipes to move between Inputs and Feeds on mobile devices #1021 @emrysr
  • add python systemd service runner used to trigger scrips e.g backup etc @greeebs #1068
  • Clear feed data option in feed delete modal @emrysr
  • Clear feed history option in feed delete modal @emrysr
  • database table creation and update refactor @takkaria #930
  • get_time_DMY and get_average_DMY support for mysql feed engine isfh-ohrdes #805
  • Migration of Publish to MQTT to Mosquitto for consistency !Breaking Change! #853

Upgrading Publish to MQTT

The latest stable branch uses the mosquitto php client for the publish_to_MQTT input process for consistency with the phpmqtt_input script. Installation of mosquitto and its dependencies are documented here:

Migrating to the new systemd+python service-runner

Forum post, thanks to @Greebo : Migrating to the new systemd+python service-runner


  • Unsupported red process list notices in input view: This is caused by browser caching of old javascript and can be fixed by clearing browser cache. Emoncms should with update 9.9.1 do this automatically but its not universally supported across browsers.

  • Negative value in stacked bar chart, clear browser cache as above.

This update includes changes to the emoncms database. To apply these updates navigate to:

 Administration > Update database > Update & Check

To report issues with emoncms following an update that are not already listed in troubleshooting above, start a new topic and give as much detail as you can on the installation of emoncms that you have updated. Is it an EmonPi/EmonBase? which image version or is it a custom install, please give details.

Thanks a lot