Is Publish to MQTT broken by 9.9.x due to library change?

Continuing the discussion from EmonHub Issues after updating to 9.9.2:

The method used by the Publish to MQTT process has been changed and this now uses the same mechanism as incoming MQTT. This means the script & service (plus some other bits and bobs) need to be installed. Self installs may not have done this unless they required incoming MQTT.

I suspect this is a breaking change which should be highlighted.

There is also the need for a more robust release mechanism with some form of pre-release if so much is rolled into one upgrade or fewer changes per release. If you release less in one go, it is easier to roll back and fix any arising issues.

I’ve also said before that I think there needs to be a proper announcement group for things like stable releases and patches. It seems there is not even an announcement here; just the GitHub merge. There should also be some proper release notes.


Thanks @borpin for highlighting the MQTT issue.

We needed to push forward the merge to stable, so that Glyn could finish compiling the RPi3 B+ SD card image with stock running low on the old variant. I was mostly sure that there were no breaking changes but with a lot of other things going on in parallel over the last week was not able to give it my full attention.

The changes have been in master for testing for months (our pre-release stage) and apart from ongoing work on the new interfaces which are still in beta and subject to ongoing development, I thought we had all key bases covered.

As ever there have been a couple of missed issues, in particular arising from not adding the code to automatically clear browser cache on the inputs interface and the need for upgrade notes for publish to MQTT.

I will put together a release post on the forum today.

Could this be highlighted as a Breaking Change please so it highlights action needs to be taken if the publish to MQTT process is used?

Perhaps also some instructions on the new Service runner as it will require active intervention to disable the old one and use the new one.

Cheers :smile:

Thanks @borpin, I’ve added the highlight, @glyn.hudson @Greebo can you help with the service runner notes :slight_smile:

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