Emoncms v10.1.0

Emoncms v10.1.0 is now available in the stable branch for update via emonpi & emonbase update.

The changes in this update are listed in detail in the commit record here: Merge latest master to stable by TrystanLea · Pull Request #1308 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub. To summarise:

This update also includes log location changes moving emoncms logs to /var/log/emoncms. This process is handled automatically as part of the emonSD update process.

If your running a custom system and updating via git pull commands on the emoncms repositories and are not using the emoncms_mqtt and feedwriter services you will need to create the /var/log/emoncms directory manually and create a log file called emoncms.log within /var/log/emoncms with 666 permissions. An ‘git pull’ update is also required to the sync, backup and postprocess modules.
Emoncms continues to run without the log folder in place but the emoncms log will not be written too.

The setting:

$log_filename = "/var/log/emoncms.log";

is now depreciated and replaced with:

$log_location = "/var/log/emoncms";

if this setting is not present in emoncms/settings.php it will default to the /var/log/emoncms log location, emoncms will work fine without any changes to settings.php.

This update has been tested on both the emonSD-Oct18 and older Jessie based emonSD-07Nov16 with both updating successfully from a fresh image.