EmonCMS Showcase

Hi All
On the old forums there was a section for showcasing your own work done within emoncms.
It would be fantastic if we had that category back so everybody could get ideas on what other people are doing.
I’ve created three dashboards…

  1. PC
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Display Tablet
    The phone and tablet are sized accordantly so the dashboard fits the screen without having to zoom.

http://vpn.linemanhut.co.uk:8080/emoncms/dashboard/view?id=1 << PC Dashboard
http://vpn.linemanhut.co.uk:8080/emoncms/dashboard/view?id=2 << Phone Dashboard
http://vpn.linemanhut.co.uk:8080/emoncms/dashboard/view?id=3 << Tablet Dashboard


Can’t see the phone/tablet links. Are they set as public?


Sorry, blond moment! Forgot that external is different port so I can do port forwarding.
I’ve updated the links


Despite the large amount of data, it display’s and updates really quickly.
Nice easy to read layout.


Like your Phone and Tablet dashboards!!

Do I understand it right, that you simply use the devices Browser to look at them?
So it will only look as nice as shown in the Picture if you use devices with the same resolutions?

No criticism, I’m only thinking of doing the same and trying to figure the best way to do it!


@Paul Yeh I know where your coming from, but I need the Mrs and the kids to be able to look at it and understand the data but at the same time, like you, I want to know figures.

@kaulquappe Yes, I use chrome browser and use the “add to home screen” option, this creates a link on the springboard and displays just the web page, the URL and crap isn’t displayed at the top. I’ve ordered a desktop mound that I will put on the fireplace to permanently display the dashboard with an app to control the brightness and make the screen stay on 24/7.
Yeh, I painstakingly found the base resolution of the tablet and phone, then I used that space to design the dashboard, that way you don’t have to zoom, it just works.

It might be worth noting that I had to make custom modules to give me the text size that I wanted and also half the size of the “snap to” grid, hence my question to Paul in another thread about backing up additional folders etc.

Ah, nice Idea with homescreen, exactly what I was looking for !!

I also want to have a 24/7 wallmounted tablet for quick access!! Thinking about taking a better one with better resolution to not have the circumstances with textsizes!!

Can you also navigate in your diagrams via the touchscreen?

Navigate? no need as everything is on the screen as its default resolution.
You certainly appreciate the real estate space on the screen when your trying to fit everything in. If I could choose then yeh I would have picked something bigger than 7" but it was a tablet that the kids smashed the screen and destroyed the micro usb socket, fifteen quid and a couple of hours later I have a working tablet.


Didn’t express my self properly I guess! Sorry for that.

In your Diagrams, if you want to zoom in the time to look at a specific hour, for example. On a PC you can simply mark the wanted area with your mouse and it zooms in. Is this also doable with a touchscreen?

I don’t believe you can do that as your lacking the ability to click and drag, you can however use the buttons to select week, month, etc.
TBH the tablet is just an indication of the data, if you want to really drill down and get what you want, a pc will always trump other devices.

@Jon I like your idea of putting a tutorial on how people built there dashboard, so here goes.


First you need to get access to the files on your server, as I have a emonpi i install an FTP server:
$ sudo apt-get install vsftpd
$ sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

$ sudo service vsftpd start

You can now FTP to your emonpi. remember to use port 22 using the same username and password as your SSH session.

I install PHPMYADMIN as its a really good package and if you want to make any changes to the SQL database it is super easy

$ sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin
$ sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf >ADD> Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf
$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

One thing I recommend is restricting the access to the phpmyadmin by the config file, attached is a copy of my config file, this is located in /etc/phpmyadmin

Everything on the dashboard will be here…

Everything in the “widgets” dropdown menu will be in this location…

Everything in the “text” dropdown menu will be in this location…

Remember that you will need to setup the output html, IE size, bold, etc, etc

A few posts recently have been on the update rate of the dashboard, this can be a problem if you host emoncms and the default update rate is 30 seconds. The following will enable you to change the rate to update, NOTE if you are using the public server, provided FOC by the team, there is an update rate limit.

Update the following line to whatever you want…
‘sendinterval’: 5

Change ‘snap to’ grid size - You can change the pixels size:
$ sudo nano /var/www/emoncms/modules\dashboard\Views\js\designer.js
‘snap’: function(pos) {return Math.round(pos/designer.grid_size)*designer.grid_size;},
‘snap’: function(pos) {return Math.round(pos/5)*5;},

Attached below is a copy of the widgets and phpmyadmin apache config file
Backup emoncms.zip (7.4 KB)

Oh I should upload my sketches really…
emonPi - emonPi_RFM69CW_RF12Demo_DiscreteSampling.ino (19.6 KB)
emonTx - emonTxV3_4_DiscreteSampling_Node8.ino (25.8 KB)
The changes are for providing current, power factor and zeroing small wattages on the PV inverters while they are not generating.
emonhub.conf - emonhub.txt (7.1 KB)


@Dave - these are awesome dashboards!!

1 question - how have you set up the calculations for costs? Are they separate feeds where you just multiply your incrementing kWh by unit cost?

Ah I’m an idiot. Virtual feeds! I just discovered them. I know - I’m a n00b to OEM!

Hi Matt
Thank you and sorry for my delay in replying but Ive been away and very busy.
Ive attached below a small snipit of my input logic and work out the costs that way.


My contribution :wink: