Emoncms self hosted going wacko with errors and me the same :-)

For a few versions now I can’t get my self hosted emoncms to show the pages, not on Mac or Windows, FF, Safari, IE, Opera, Chrome … same errors in every configuration tested, so not to sure what to think. Nothing in emoncms error log, nothing in apache logs (serverside) , …
All the dev tools show the same errors and they are counting all the time till I close the page … and this time it is way over my head to understand where the problem starts and even less where to begin to find a solution. Did a clean install of all the files but result is identical, database repair didn’t solve anything …

hosted on a dedicated WHM/Cpanel driven server with loads of ressources.
example page with most dials dead, graphs ok and text coming up after several seconds … editing, adding/deleting, nothing seems to solve it.
Anyone ever saw this or it rings a bell that might help me solve this ??

thanks in advance for your input.


Do you just mean the dashboard pages? Or any page at all (Feeds, Inputs, Setup)?
I assume you can edit a dashboard page? Can you create a completely new one?

after some more playing and even moving the complete self hosted stuff to another account to be sure .htaccess from WP wasn’t playing fool … same result till …

putting dashboard in edit and using wrench on every single item of the dashboard, changing nothing just wrench, save … till one of the items seems to update something and all the items come back that were added after that item (for as much I remember when I made the dashboard)

Something was wrong and the script could render elements till the culprit one and all the elements after it … didn’t render. And this till I re saved the culprit one. Hence script could render it and go to the next element …

Not sure what or why since there is nothing in error logs but this might be a clue for some weird behaviours for some with unexplained ‘missing’ elements.

The rendering script seems to hang (loop) for some ‘broken’ character, setting … and can’t go to the next element.

Can the code get

  1. some kinda verification button that goes over all the elements and report back there is something wacko with it so we can investigate/solve it

  2. the rendering script get’s some kind off time out and skip the element, at least the others are rendered correctly ??

Hope this is clear to you all … not easy to explain

And while at it also found another little ‘bug’ if you can call it a bug

you are in a dashboard and use the gear to open the toolbox, you do some editing and you do NOT save the modification and you jump to another dashboard (yes I know :wink: ) the toolbox loses partly it’s icons and most of all, functionality. Nothing you can do anymore, even going back to the initial dashboard doesn’t solve it. You have to go to a page that doesn’t use the toolbox to clear the code, and then going back … but you lose your editing.

Possible to add some code to intercept this and at least

or popup a warning : if you continue you lose your editing
or ‘clear’ the toolbox to non editing when arriving on the other dashboard …

is this the same problem as i am seeing

error shown on your case is a depreciated code as in my case the script can’t continue to work … not to sure this is the same problem.

Hi @bidouilleur

Ok great, dont spose you know how to fix it?