Emoncms.org - No PHPFINA graphs, No 'My Solar' with ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response:null


I seem to have a problem with ‘My Solar’ and graphing of PHPFINA feeds in emoncms.org.

This was seen this morning and is still occurring at this point.

For ‘My Solar’ and ‘My Electric’ - a very slow build of the page with ‘ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response:null’ returned.

For Dashboard, Feed values appear immediately, graphs appear much later, PHPFINA graphs without data, PHPTIMESERIES graphs with data.

In ‘Graphs’ - inability to graph PHFINA feeds. with ‘Request error null’ reported.

Android app returns no graphs and ‘connection error’ message.

Is this a wider issue or has something bad happened to my feeds!


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