Emoncms.org feed returns NULL

Is there something wrong in emoncms.org?
All my feed values are 0.0kb size and my 11 month history is gone.
All input values seems to be correct, but all feeds disappeared.
BR, Timo

Hi Timo,

I think I have I similar problem. When I browse to my page for “my solar” app,

Google Chrome browser generates a popup message window with the error:

ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response: null

If I login, the inputs and feeds are updating, but if I select the ‘eye’ icon to display any of them, the chart appears, but with no data, and near the top of the page is the error message

Request error null


I do confirm the issue.

Graphs not available.

But logging in data seems updated (input/feeds).

Hello @tsavikos @IanDavies. Im aware of the issue, looking in to it. I can see the data is present on both storage servers, it appears to be a communication issue between the servers storing the data and the front end server.

Glad to say the issue is resolved and the data for the last hour is working through a queue at the moment, should all be back to normal in an hour or so.


Thanks Trystan, it’s looking much better now :slight_smile:

I can confirm also: Feeds are working and My Electric is OK now.

  • Timo

Looks like the problem is back. Today I keep getting the same error on the SolarPV dashboard but also on a custom dashbord half the graphs dont load. Error “ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response: null”. I have also tested it on different devices.

When trying to view feed data from feeds page I’m redirected to graph page which shows error “Request error null” and no data.

Since yesterday the graphs did not shown any data. I deleted them and tried to create new graphs.
When selecting a feed for graph the error “Request error null” appears

My emoncms.org user is “sey”.
Any idea how to sole the issues?

Thank you,

Hi There,
I think this was happening last night as well. My feeds and inputs are appearing and changing just fine. But the solar app, that I use is giving this error message after a pause. In fact I’ve just tried all three of the apps and they all result in this message.

Thanks for your help.


I seem to have a problem with ‘My Solar’ and graphing of PHPFINA feeds in emoncms.org.

This was seen this morning and is still occurring at this point.

For ‘My Solar’ and ‘My Electric’ - a very slow build of the page with ‘ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response:null’ returned.

For Dashboard, Feed values appear immediately, graphs appear much later, PHPFINA graphs without data, PHPTIMESERIES graphs with data.

In ‘Graphs’ - inability to graph PHFINA feeds. with ‘Request error null’ reported.

Android app returns no graphs and ‘connection error’ message.

Is this a wider issue or has something bad happened to my feeds!


I can see the same issue at emoncms.org too.

[As there were 3 other threads reporting similar issues I have moved them all here]

One for @TrystanLea I think, hopefully he will get an email notification.

Thankyou all, Im looking into the issue, it is with our third storage server. Data waiting to be written is being queued on our main server so hopefully we can work through it once the storage server is back online. I will update with progress soon.

We are back online, thanks to Redstation’s quick response time and support. The server is now working through the queued data, I will update soon on an ETA for when its all cleared.

Its looking like it will take about 10 hours to completely work through the queued up data, it should then be all back to normal.


Everything back to normal for me now.
Graphs are working now, no error on view/edit.
Feeds data are available.


Everything is looking good again, Thanks for the hard work sorting it out :slight_smile:

Feed graphs are not keeping up to date… I only see up to 03:28 at 06:49. Perhaps the problem has re-occurred?

One for @TrystanLea?

Are system admins notified by watchdog / monitoring? Do we need to report?

Hello Iov, thanks for your post, yes the issue happened again this morning. The server is now back up and running with the data working through and catching up again, it should be complete by 12 noon BST today.

We do have detailed system monitoring on the servers but relatively limited alerts which is something we are working on. Its always useful if you do spot an issue to report in the event that we dont pick it up.

Thanks a lot