Emoncms Local connection fail

My WiFi connected RPI has happily been running for the past 10 years. It logs my energy production and consumption to emoncms.org which provides an excellent graphical display using internet access. A local version of the same information is also available on my network.

Recently although the emoncms.org remote version continues to function correctly the local version is unresponsive. When this happens, it is no longer possible to communicate with the RPI in headless mode and proper operation is not restore until the RPI is shut down and re-booted. This suggests to me that the problem is not Emoncms but I am just guessing.

Version: low-write 11.3.22

Any suggestions?

I’d suggest the SDCard is done.


I concur. At 10 years, you’ve had a good run with that SD card.
Buy a new SD card sooner rather than later and follow the guide Brian mentioned.
You’ll be back up and running in 20-30 mins.

Thanks Brian, I shall do as you suggested.

OK, I have downloaded the emonSD-10Nov22_16gb.zip. Unzipped and burn a new SD card using balenEtcher. Added an empty file ‘ssh’ to the root folder and plugged into my emonPi unit.

Using Win 10 ‘Kitty’ I attempt to login with user ‘pi’ and password ‘emonpi2016’ with this result:

login as: pi

[email protected]’s password:

Access denied

Then restored old SD to confirm I can SSH login OK with above credentials.

Maybe the default password is different now?

Update: I ignored the login problem and ran the backup/restore process which partially succeeded but with lots of errors. The Input and Feed config data did not transfer so maybe the old SD card is sick.

As per the docs.


If you tried to export from the old and import, then yes, likely to fail. Each boot of the old SD Card makes things worse and more likely to fail.

Try a fresh image and use the SD Card / USB import method.

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Thank you. Now running on the new SD card. Data is appearing OK on Emoncms when viewed with Firefox but the App for Ipad is stuck on ‘Loading data’. Also, the local historical data did not transfer, this is not a big deal but can I transfer it in some other way? I can view current local data OK using Firefox.

Fixed the mobile app by deleting and re-installing.

How did you attempt to transfer the data?

Local historical data now all magically appeared. Everything now working correctly thanks.

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