Emoncms dashboard & electric meter Linky (France)


Electric meter> cable > USB dongle > Raspberry (flow nodered) > wifi > emoncms

What you need:
• power electric meter from Enedis (France), with “teleinfo” activated (normally done by default) :
* Linky
* or previous one electronic, white with blue buttons

  then connect two wires to the two internal contacts
• a cable of at least two wires 5/10 (ex.PTT 278) to the Raspberrypi
• a Raspberrypi (wiFi), Raspbian, Nodered
• an USB dongle Micro Teleinfo V2.0 from : https://www.tindie.com/products/Hallard/micro-teleinfo-v20/, converts “teleinfo signal“ out of the electric meter to serial input
• Software:
    ◦ build the Nodered flow :[https://hallard.me/pitinfo/]https://hallard.me/pitinfo/
    ◦ or [https://github.com/hallard/teleinfo/blob/master/teleinfo.c](https://github.com/hallard/teleinfo/blob/master/teleinfo.c)
    ◦ or [https://hallard.me/teleinfo-emoncms/](https://hallard.me/teleinfo-emoncms/)
• an Emoncms account![