Emoncms current version questions

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with some apps I built for my Emoncms. At some point in the last several months they stopped working and report “EmonCMS Error. Message: Uncaught ReferenceError: config is not defined.”

I read here that a similar-looking error might have had something to do with a change between Emoncms version 10 and 11:https://community.openenergymonitor.org/t/heat-pump-experimentation-app-release-news/13423/49?page=3

That got me wondering how I ended up on the version of Emoncms I am using, and how to know if it is a good version to be on.

I created my Pi server from an emonSD image in 2020 using emonSD-24Jul20 which used Emoncms
low-write 10.2.5.
I’ve updated using Admin > Update along the way and I currently see Emoncms low-write 11.0.9 in my System Information.

The latest emonSD image is emonSD-21Jul21 and uses EmonCMS low-write 10.8.1
The latest version listed on https://github/emoncms/emoncms is 10.8.5

So, I am wondering if I should really be on version 11.x, or if I have somehow pushed ahead too far and should be on 10.x.

And if, in turn, the version of Emoncms I am running is impacting my self-developed apps.


I got my app running again. Just some things had moved around a bit in the Modules/apps folder since I created it.

So to clarify, my main question is about how to know what version I should be on.

Generally, the latest, but “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix” is also a valid position.

If it’s consolation, I’m also on 11.0.9, installed a couple of years ago and updated a recently via GIT.
All seems to be running just fine!