emonBase frequently unusable

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I have the emonBase with 10 emonTH.
I use it together with node-red to control the heating system for my house.
I have 8 heating circuits which for which I use node-red to control them.

Every 1 to 2 months I have to reflash the whole system.
Last night I made a configuration change in the emonhub.
After a restart of the raspberry pi it’s just bricked.
No http connection possible. No ssh connection possible.

Really annoying to reflash the whole system. Install all packages and updates.
Lost all my emonTH data. Lost configuration data.

A day before I tried to do a backup in the emoncms but no luck => segmentation fault.
Whatever that means.

Am I the only one who has such problems?

I’m seriously consider to build my own emonBase with a simple Arduino to receive the signals from emonTH and do the rest on a more stable system than the emonBase.

Hello @heebtob sorry to hear that, are you reflashing to the same SD card? what other applications are you installing? I wonder if the additional packages you are installing are causing additional write wear to the SD card reducing the lifespan?

I suspect this is an SD card issue especially if you are saving values to disk from node-red. I’ve had an SD card in a Pi in such circumstances fail within 6 months.

I suggest a new SD card for the EmonBase and run node-red on a separate Pi.

If you do want to stick to a single Pi, you need to offload the system to a HDD or SSD device (plenty on the RPi docs and forum on how to do that). You can then easily build the emonbase with the emonscripts.

What version emonSD are you running? The emonSD have been optimised for long term SD card lifespan:

It’s also possible to create full backups to easily and quickly restore using Emoncms backup module pre-installed on emonSD.

Strictly speaking that is true if just running EmonCMS on it. As soon as a user uses the system for other things as well, those other systems can well impact the longevity of the SD Card.

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