Emon Base Wifi connect problem local Emoncms , SSH ok

Hi Folks, still fiddling with the EmonBase pi setup. NO Emon pi th installed presently.Just connecting the Base PI.
I have connected Ethernet cable to modem, green light, powered.

IP scan shows and Emonpi lan and Emompi-2 lan.

I can SSH into the PI emon base, i can acess the local Emoncms page but the issue is i want to connect and enter PSK and connect with the local Emoncms page. I put in the PSK, refresh and remains disconnected. Many thanks for your patience .
Here is the log

: Disconnected
IP Address:
Mac Address: b8:27:eb:b7:83:0c
Sub Net Mask:
Rx Packets: 3347
Tx Packets: 1136
Rx Bytes: 656829 (641.4 KiB)
Tx Bytes: 227579 (222.2 KiB)
	Bitrate: 65 Mb/s
Frequency: 2.437 GHz
Link Quality: 66/70
Signal Quality: -44 dBm
Network Log

Error: Cannot find ~/emonpi/wifiap/networklog.sh

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