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Emon base WIFI unable to connect. SSID not accepted?,syntax error

Hi folks. I have a Base pi , ethernet cable connected, SSH into the PI is fine, log into local emonpi is fine, the problem is the emonpi local page will not accept the SSID of the ethernet modem namely WiFi-2.4-D439 . The base pi has worked previously on a normal ethernet network and connected sucessfully. SSID and password are correct, i manually entered the SSID and Password in the etc network interfaces.

Syntax error on the web console EmonCms is

XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Location: http://emonpi/emoncms/wifi/log
Line Number 1, Column 1:

Network log is

Error: Cannot find ~/emonpi/wifiap/


Any pointers appreciated. Regards and thanks

perhaps change your SSID some stuff do not support special characters in the SSID

See “Emoncms WiFi Module - special characters not supported in network password?”, as Stephen suggests, it is most likely the special characters, namely the hyphens.

[moved this post here as it is a duplicated issue - pb66]

Hi Folks, still fiddling with the EmonBase pi setup. NO Emon pi th installed presently.Just connecting the Base PI.
I have connected Ethernet cable to modem, green light, powered.

IP scan shows and Emonpi lan and Emompi-2 lan.

I can SSH into the PI emon base, i can acess the local Emoncms page but the issue is i want to connect and enter PSK and connect with the local Emoncms page. I put in the PSK, refresh and remains disconnected. Many thanks for your patience .
Here is the log

: Disconnected
IP Address:
Mac Address: b8:27:eb:b7:83:0c
Sub Net Mask:
Rx Packets: 3347
Tx Packets: 1136
Rx Bytes: 656829 (641.4 KiB)
Tx Bytes: 227579 (222.2 KiB)
	Bitrate: 65 Mb/s
Frequency: 2.437 GHz
Link Quality: 66/70
Signal Quality: -44 dBm
Network Log

Error: Cannot find ~/emonpi/wifiap/

Seems this error message was originally more informative, previously it also told you to “please update emonpi”.

Looking closer at the code, it appears the emoncmsWiFi module uses a file that is not included in the repo

which only gets installed with the emonPi repo.

I guess there must be a reason the “tail” command cannot be called directly from wifi.php. @glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea might know. I think a note about the dependency in the emoncms wifi modules readme would be useful.

Try updating the emonBase by using the “update emonPi” button in the admin page of emoncms or if not using the emonSD add /home/pi/emonpi/wifiAP/ manually, this should hopefully get you some useful log messages for debugging.

Any luck after updating running emonPi update? What version emonSD and Emoncms are you running?