Embedding multigraph fails


I uses now the version 10.2.0. At our homepage i have embedded multigraphs.

The multigraphs are in a slider embedded. The invisible graphs are set to “0” width and height.
So i got an error message now!

The code for embedding looks like the follow:

<iframe style='width:100%; height:400px;' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' src='https://iks.koisupport.ch/vis/multigraph?mid=8&embed=1&apikey='></iframe>

Does somebody nows how to solve the problem with the zero height and width? With an earlyer version of emoncms i hade no problems.

Best Regards

Hello @gkobler, if you set a fixed width rather than % does that work?

Hello @TrystanLea, i set the width to 500px. But makes not a difference! Same error message appears.