Electricity monitor via WiFi

Just discovered Emoncms and have enjoyed how quickly I have been able to put together a working Electricity supply monitor. I installed Emoncms on a RPI for data collection. I am using a LDR into a ESP8266 (via a LM358 comparitor). For the ESP8266 I am using ESPeasy firmware (also recently discovered) which works very well to count and HTTP a data stream to the Raspberry Pi.
I also collect the data from my Garden PV 12v battery storage and Weather data . I also have a Fronius PV system and would like to collect the PV data from than and incorporate into my home energy data. Has anyone already used the PUSH data output into emoncms, if so how did they accomplish that, or perhaps there is already a post .

I use the Input API if that is what you mean by ‘PUSH data output into emoncms’? One of the things I use it for is scraping data off my Enphase PV system’s web page and feeding it to my emonBase. I also collect the solar current with a CT and also read the generation meter with an optical sensor. So I have three versions of my solar data.

I adapted Eric Sandeen’s code that collected data from an Enphase system and posted it to pvoutput.org. I’d be happy to post it if you like.

Which Fronius inverter do you have? It is relatively easy to access the modbus through emonhub, which is how I get the data for my Fronius Primo. You can write some code to access the push service but then you will probably end up with different scripts and needing to update/integrate when things change (as happens with IP address changes etc). I used to do this but it was fiddly.

The emoncms config file (menu - setup - emonhub - edit config) can be modified to include a modbus call routine, which will then add a new node to your input/feeds page with the data you want.
There are a couple of threads showing how to do this eg fronius.
The main hurdle is using the correct modbus registers, but there is some good experience in this community to help.

Thanks for the replies. I have a Primo 3Kw. I have decided to give Node - Red a try. The plan is to have it generate an API call to the PV and then have it parse the Json response and send it on as an input to Emoncms. I have just started on it so have not got very far yet , also not really had much experience parsing Json so it may take a little while also its night time now so the PV will not respond , have to wait till tomorrow.