Yes, it should, as long as another rule is not over riding it. Perhaps this is a bug with the new rules code?

The last clarification. Should the change in the output be instant or only after a restart?

I would expect it to be instant. Since the last code change with the new relay rules in it, I think when the rules are saved, all the rules are reset but the default relay logic isn’t applied correctly.

Now I will describe how it actually works (Firmware HysteresisRules, All rules X):
Relay default - OFF → On the corresponding output, logic 1
Relay default - ON → On the corresponding output, logic 0

And all the rules work out in exactly the same style. Logically correct to do the opposite.

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Okay, my relay board is happy with the outputs of the PCF chip - it must internally invert as its using an optocoupler to drive the relay.

What external relay board are you using?

I am using standard aliexpress relays or relay via conventional power transistor. They all wait at the input for ON 1 and OFF 0

Right, sounds like we need a simple INVERT option on the configuration screen. Can you raise a feature request on GitHub?

Done #43

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Is there a guide/video/document that explains all the parameters that can be set inside the Webinterface and how one can set those parameters correct considering what kind of battery one has ?

I am trying to learn how the diyBMS works so i am testing with a bench power supply to simulate the battery.

@stuart or anyone that can help,

The recommended thermistor on the GitHub page is a
NTC 10 kohm 3950k, B57891M Series.

I have a bunch of NTC 10K 3950 thermistors. MF58 series.

The specs on the data sheet are fairly close to the one that you had listed. I’m assuming I should be okay using them. Just wanted to verify.

And my package from jlcpcb finally arrived today with 40 cell monitor boards and 15 controller boards. It took over two weeks because of the Chinese holiday and I guess they were switching factories. Even though I ordered them before the deadline date… but at least I got them. When I get home from work I’ll inspect them.

So I’m sure I’ll have some more questions fairly soon :grin:

Thx Again everyone

Hey, not sure if you have seen these videos but Stuart created a few howto videos


Building and ordering

Just Starting to bring online my Lithium Titanate Oxide ( LTO ) BMS today, so far so good.

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Thx but I haven’t seen a video that explains how to set the parameters in the diyBMS for example for a life battery. I made the build and most of the videos if not all is about how to build and compile and not so much about the configuration.

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Finally got my 22S LTO bank running, took a little to work out bank arrangement so all 22 are displayed, extremely happy with it, thanks to Stuart.

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Looks great, why is the round trip showing 60,000 ? For your setup should be more like 4500.

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