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DIYBMS v4 ebay sellers

noticed this seller on ebay with DIYBMS v4 ,
any idea where the leaf download is or is that their own board design?
edit facepalm , found it uploaded on git 7 month ago …

and the warning says it all !!!

Due to laws in Ukraine I cannot accept paypal payments and ebay merchant payments. Direct payment or cryptocurrency accepted. Can accept payments via You can offer me your payment options


Don’t buy this if you have no idea what your doing, I will not be able to support you.

I have only permitted the OpenEnergyMonitor shop to re-sell the DIYBMS parts, this is all very clear in the open source terms/ license on the design/product.

I also recommend avoiding anyone who won’t accept genuine payment methods, just has scam and fake written all over it!


File a copyright complaint against the listing with eBay. That may be the only option for persuading them to not list them.


Its my listing on ebay. I just sold modules of a failed project, I ordered them for my own money and the client refused to buy cells. if I violated any of the license terms, please explain which ones. And yes, I cannot accept paypal, you can see it on the website. Ukraine can only send money via PayPal.
Stuart, my personally apologies, if you say I close ebay listing. I really appreciate your work and the world of open source

Hi @inya, thank you for taking the time to post.

The licence terms don’t permit any commercial use of the product - which includes making money/profit from the product by reselling.

If you are simply selling a few left over modules, I don’t have a problem with that, however the sales stats on ebay say that 9 controller boards have already been sold - seems like a high number!

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because it is a multiple item listing it will be showing 9 as the total amount of bits sold ,
how ever he did have at least 8 controllers so their might be a good ~500 modules in stock
I know I built 5x controllers and 300 modules myself

I sell just 1 controller and 8 modules, its personal stuff, 6 controllers, 42 cell modules and 11 leaf modules in stock. I don’t plane to make money, just try to return my investition. I personally have 2 working battery and its amazing!


[182 sold] someone is making a living out of this… i’m gonna sell 3 out of my 5 old version controllers, in the old days we had to get 5 out of everything :stuck_out_tongue:

14 controllers & 119 modules sold since 10 January this year. It looks to me like it’s a project that carries on failing - for more than 6 months.

List price for those items: $1337.00

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We’ll its not me :frowning:

and they are now selling the V4.40 module, which didn’t exist this time last year!

Hello @inya.

I think your ebay listing has had long enough to run, and you seem to have “fresh” stock of V4.40 modules which didn’t exist in October when we first spoke about the subject.

Please remove the ebay listing, it is in breach of the “not for commercial use” as you are clearly making a profit from this.

Thank you, Stuart.

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how did left over parts from a failed project turn into 50 pcs of new v4.40

The numbers continue to grow: 3 leaf modules, one controller and two cell modules sold yesterday.
The revised position is:

15 controllers & 124 modules sold since 10 January this year. The list price for those items: ~$1420.00

The Cell module (either version) is out of stock. It will be very interesting if it comes back into stock.
For the record, the stocks at the date and time of posting this are:
Leaf module: 6
Controller w/o wemos: > 10
Controller: 3

It’s like this:

except it’s the failure that keeps on failing. :wink:

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eBay don’t want to know - unless it was a big brand, they are not going to get involved!

We do sincerely want to offer any help we can to resolve this issue, but issues pertaining to unauthorised resale or distribution of products is beyond the remit of the VeRO programme.

eBay acts only as a venue for sales between buyers and sellers, and we never take possession of the items offered.

As we are not privy to any third party distribution agreements that may exist, we are not in a position to judge whether or not an eBay member is a legitimate re-seller.

Therefore this matter must be resolved directly between you and the seller.

Although thanks to the photos I’ve now got the JLCPCB order reference “2486171AP12”.

I may have a chat with my JLCPCB account manager and see what they say!

There are legal ramifications for them ignoring a copyright claim, at least according to US laws (and very likely UK laws would be similar). I’d still file the claim even if they do not take action on it right away.

The respons of EBay is a bit strange, I have seen them take action against sellers selling Chinese satellite receivers often when companies like Dream multimedia was complaining.

Up to 220 now !

money rule the world well and some scumbags too