DIYBMS for Lithium titanate battery cells (LTO)

There was only one version of this round module.

i dowload the file from you rep ModuleV421_Round_bom_jlc.xlsx
and ModuleV421_Round_cpl_jlc.xlsx after i pres process boom & cpl button and after next booton i get Error

Please select at least one part that needs to be placed on your board.

I sell 25 pieces for $12.00 excluding shipping in EU

Hi @Goran_Trajilovic ,
Thanks for your proposal, I’m interested.
I’m currently in the process of trying to build my first 48v LTO battery bank with 21 cells*40ah (that’s about 2kwh).
I would like to buy your remaining round shape BMS and controller.
Are you okay to ship to France ?
Please reply soon
Thanks a lot :blush:

Hi @stuart ,

I just discovered your nice project about this round shape micro BMS for LTO cells, and I’m very interested to build my own battery bank with 21 of these modules.

Have you done any upgrade to the ‘round’ design since your last post in this thread (more than a year ago) ?

I have seen on GitHub that the genuine ‘single module’ design is versioned 4.50, but this round shape is 4.21.

Can I go without worries with the ‘old’ version, or do you recommend to make use of the latest 4.50 ? In this case , would you mind posting the upgraded files here, or via PM ?

Thank you so much for your help

Best regards

Ned , from France

Need the files for this board ??

And this board