DIYBMS for Lithium titanate battery cells (LTO)


Is this design available at Github/diyBMSv4 for v4.4 ?


I still see it…

Disc shaped design of PCB not in Github. Isn’t it ?

ahh… sorry… I didn’t see it was a reply about the disc shaped one.
@stuart would have to answer. He can probably send you the files??
You will find the files here. make sure you use the 12.5mm hole gerber file

the modules have been running great with latest updates

Updated link:

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Thanks for reply. Unfortunately the link doesn’t exist or is private.

Here is a link

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great. thank you.

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Last 3 days of 22S LTO 66160 voltages with round BMS

Last 30 days of balancing current in mAh

Close up views of round 66160 bms boards, I am running the esp32 controller

Close up views oround 66160 bms

ESP32 running the round LTO 66160 boards


Hi Stuart, love what you have done with this BMS. If we need to order these same BMS’s how much would they cost in what lots. Also need to discuss about them further so let me know how and where to connect. Sorry for being so abrupt, have been looking for these exact same BMS’s for a while and am new to this community.

Love what you have done with this Bank. I am new to this field and need some help and guidance creating the exact same bank that you have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also have you documented this build anywhere found you from Facebook even left a reply there for you.

Hope this will help
This is my YouTube playlist of the LTO build

30 boards Total: A$101.77

This is a link to my Victron VRM for my LTO battery bank showing real time data

Thank you for the reply…… is there anyone or any place i can order a readymade board. Complete with programming. Also do you have a complete list of items used for your project like the display and software like you have made.

I basically want to replicate the system as in the video seems perfect.

This is great

There is no one making these boards ready made, you will have to build them yourself, JLCPCB will build the board with all the components soldered except for any components that are not in stock like Attiny841 and terminals, the order that is in previous post show the details of the soldered components and position of components

Hi everyone, I just joined the sight and recently joined the LTO club as well with a whopping 100x cells.

What is the latest on availability of the round LTO balancer boards? Is JLCPCB still the best/only option per @Ross above? Any suggestions on where to purchase them (preferably assembled) but unassembled would work too, if that is my only option.


Being a DIY BMS I think the only option is make them yourself from the download files on this site as there is little demand for LTO batteries due to cost it then becomes a supply as you need them, these are not for profit under it’s licence making, so making them yourself is the only option.