DIY OpenEVSE Setup

why does not it show time?
Time: No RTC detected
firmware wifi 2.70.
Firmware: openevse 4.8.0

You can add an energy meter for the month from 1 to 31? it will be very convenient to know how much money you spent per month

Does your display have the real time clock chip fitted?

You can set the time and date. and the timer is.

Emoncms MyElectric can display this info

The OpenEVSE with WiFi module can post to Emoncms

It looks like you don’t have the RTC fitted on your LCD. Your unit looks like a DIY build, could you post some photos of the inside.

The standard openevse LCD had got a RTC and temp sensor integrated, see rear photos:

I have such a screen Monochrome LCD

I do not see statistics for the month

can you set me up?