DIY Lithium Battery Balancer and monitoring (BMS)

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(stuart) #649

How are you powering the +/- connections to the modules (not the battery side?) each module will need 4-5mA to drive the ADUM chip.

(stuart) #650

That may just be a code bug - are these readings 65535 / (0xFFFF) in which case the i2c didnt read correctly.

(Vela Nautica) #651

There is no error correction or checksum in I2C transfer, right?

(Vela Nautica) #652

In most cases it reads 34559 what is 0x86FF…

(Vela Nautica) #653

For now I power the ESP board by 5V and from there I get the 3.3 V to power th I2C Bus/ ADUM

Do you think its better to provide the 3.3V for I2C bus from a different external source?

I can try that, maybe the ESP is short on power?

(Vela Nautica) #654

Hi here is a pic so that you get some feedback how your project has progress


(Brett) #655

wemos is powered by usb to my pc is that what you mean the resistors are 2.2k

(Joey Poortman) #656

In the past ive had alot of problems with breadboards, so maybe make a shield or perfboard. It could be one connection on a resistor is bad and makes it fluctuate from time to time…

(Vela Nautica) #657

Hi and thanks!

Yes I will build a shield and get rid of these breadboards.

Is not the components on the breadboards that troubles me most but it could be the external power source that is traced over the breadboards to the ESP. And I will change the power via I2C bus for ADUM´s from ESP WROOM to external power supply.

The rest of components on the breadboards is the alarm LED´s and piezo sounder that is tested on GPIO for alarm signals at over or undervoltage.

thanks Oliver

(Vela Nautica) #658

Hi Chrigu,

how are you going on?

how about your voltage readings? I hooked 8 boards to 8S batterie and get now and then, beside the usual variations of the cell voltages, readings of 34559 what is 0X86FF ?

I saw there is a CRC in the code of the module but its not used as I realised.

I could not find any bug in the code that causes this reading. Stuart told me some guys get 0xFFFF as bug reading…

So I added verification code to eliminate these readings from processing.


(stuart) #659

Thats used to store EEPROM contents using CRC checksum.

(Gerardo Gomez Fernandez) #660

Buenos Dias
Siempre me ha encantado cacharear en todo, ahora por desgracia tengo tiempo y inquietudes, estoy reciclando baterias para que sean alimentadas por placas solares que ya tengo instaladas. Quiero probar a construir mis propios BMS comprar un ecosistema como Battriun no es divertido.

Good morning
I have always loved to cacharear in everything, now unfortunately I have time and concerns, I am recycling batteries to be powered by solar panels that I already have installed. I want to try to build my own BMS. Buying an ecosystem like Battriun is not fun.

(Vela Nautica) #661

Hi Stuart,

I got my I2C problems finally solved, I had to play a bit with the I2C pullups, as I used additional an OLED display on I2C bus, that somehow also influeced the I2C transmissins. Now I set the I2C resistors both to 4.7 K (quite standard) and I get rarely wrong numbers by I2C. :grinning:

thanks Oliver

(Rdhoke) #662

So I am having an issue. Was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. The only thing I purchased from aliexpress was the thermistors and the wire wound ceramic resistors. everything else came from digikey. I have soldered up all 7 of my boards and they are from the revision 2.1. The issue I am having is only 3 green led lights will light up the other 4 will not. They are all being tested with the same test battery pack. I am only getting .7 volts out of the REG710NA-3.3/250 vcc side. the ones that light up are getting the full 3.3 volts. I have no idea what is wrong. I have ohm everything up and they come back the same on all the boards but voltage isn’t coming back the same. I dont have a scope or I would look at those values. Any help would be appreciated.

(Vela Nautica) #663


  1. take a magnifyer and check for solderpearls and shortages.
  2. check if the chips are in right direction?
  • what ohm is between + and - batterie connector?
  • when connected to batterie is GND at pin 2 of REG710 ?
  • when conected is VCC at pin 3 + 5 of REG710?


(stuart) #664

As suggested, its got to be a soldering issue if the other boards are working okay. Perhaps take one of the failed boards and try the “frying pan” soldering method to remelt the solder and let it flow again.

There must be a tiny bridge between pins - the REG710 is tiny so a likely problem area.

(Brett) #665

iv put my 3 bms back in a pan just waiting for them to cool and will see what happens may have to desolder some of the major items and use my extras i have and see if i get the 3 boards on other newer boards

(Gerardo Gomez Fernandez) #666

Necesito una BOM actualizada para empezar a compra los materiales para la version 3 de esta estupenda solucion
I need an updated BOM to start buying the materials for version 3 of this great solution

(Thys De Wet) #667

In the BMS-Cell-Module folder , there is a file : BMS_Cell_Module_BOM.html, that’s the BOM

(Gerardo Gomez Fernandez) #668 has all the info you need if we talk about version 2.1 boards

It is updated to version 3.0