Difference between the meter, emonpi and invertor

Have a little issue with the invertor. The readings from the generation meter and the EmonPi seems close, if not, exact. So that’s good. However, the Solis Invertor seems far out on a few occasions. Solis want the amp readings from the CT clamps, I don’t know how to get that information from the EmonPi? Is there a command I can use on the prompt to get the readings they want or add a feed/input to get that info?


If you look at the release page for the original emonPiCM software, and download the documentation, there’s a command to make the two currents available, on the LCD and on the Serial Interface.

However, I don’t know whether this has been retained in the later LowPowerLabs version. I suggest you try the command (‘c1’ for ON, ‘c0’ for OFF) and see what happens.

Unfortunately, no provision was made to send those values to emonCMS, though it could be added by customising the front-end sketch.